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Phil Attard's research has primarily been in the field of classical statistical mechanics. His work encompasses applications and methodology, as well as exploring the foundations of the subject. One on-going theme involves the properties of liquids at the molecular level. which are characterized using various computational and mathematical techniques. This research is complemented by experimental measurements in collaboration with other laboratories. The emphasis of the theory is on the development of new methods for the treatment of more complex systems, and on specific calculations aimed at rationalizing measured data and unexplained phenomena. An example is the focus on inhomogeneous and confined liquids, and on the interactions of colloidal particles and surfaces in such liquids. This has resulted in an increased understanding of fundamental phenomena, and in direct comparison of calculated and measured surface forces. Knowledge of how the cooperative behavior of molecules determines macroscopic processes has been used to unravel a multitude of scientific and industrial problems.

Below may be found a list of specific research topics, a list of reviews, and a description of several broad research areas of current interest.

Research Interests