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Modified libkeepalive

Routers and firewalls dropping tcp connection after a short period (eg five minutes) is a problem for applications that don't configurable keepalive options.

Fabio Busatto's intercept library libkeepalive works by intercepting function calls to socket(2) and setting the keepalive parameters using setsockopt(2).

The actual values of (SO_KEEPALIVE, TCP_KEEPCNT, TCP_KEEPIDLE, TCP_KEEPINTVL) are passed to the process in environment variables.


My take on this was to only intercept connect(2) and accept(2) calls and retrieve the values from a configuration file. eg

   # SSH to
   env LD_PRELOAD=/intercept/ /usr/bin/ssh user@

# Example configuration file (location is define at compile time.)

# Connect entries
#C   destips/mask   dest-portrange   keepalive   idle   intvl   count   
# Accept entries
#A   srcpip/mask    local-portrange  keepalive   idle   intvl   count   
C     *           N           -      -       -
C      22           Y           240     75     8
In this example the ssh matches the second entry and the parameters are taken from the file.

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