James Sainsbury

James Sainsbury

useful libraries and utilities — stuff not always easily found on the net.

odd utilitiesfollow a file and generalized cut

linux policy routing example — simple example to remind myself how it works

linux capability patch for apache 1.3.X — derived from xntpd.

openssh — alternate authentication style patch.

bind_port — a privileged wrapper to bind a reserved port (another approach.)

raidutils — on i2o RedHat Enterprise Linux 4

blowfish password hashes on SuSE 10.x — some observations.

clamd control scripts — query status, shutdown etc clamd (for ClamAV package.)

Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II RAID binary driver — building it under RHEL4 (using kernel-devel)

Irix things — lofs and resolver libs

tunnel through a web proxy — intercept library that uses CONNECT to implement connect(2)

intercept proxy — intercept web traffic and redirect through a proxy

libkeepalive — intercept library to set tcp_keepalive parms